Importance of Time Tracking for Non Profits

Why Nonprofits Should Track Time And how the right time-tracking software can help you stay focused on your organization’s mission. Time-tracking, as tedious as it sounds, is a necessary practice for every nonprofit group. And the more detailed you can be about it, the better. Beyond reasons for necessity, consistent and accurate time-tracking can offer […]

Grant Management and Effective Fund Tracking in Non-Profits

For non-profits, securing grants is often a lifeline, fueling the valuable work they do in communities. But the responsibility does not end with acquisition. Effective grant management and fund tracking are crucial to maximizing impact, ensuring compliance, and paving the way for future funding. The Three Pillars of Grant Management: Pre-award Analysis: Award Administration Expertise: […]

Basics of Non-Profit Accounting

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In the world of nonprofits, where passion meets purpose, sound fiscal management stands as the foundation for sustainable impact. Learn more about accounting for nonprofits.